In today’s complex cultural marketplace, an accurate and ongoing understanding of your audience, community, donors, and marketplace is essential. Our research practice, AMS Analytics, brings both information and insight to our clients to help them make better decisions.  Successful programming, effective audience development, sustainable business practices, relevant long-term planning – all rely on a keen understanding of customers and the marketplace.

Since our founding in 1988, AMS has continually invested in the development of research tools, strategies, and methodologies. As a leader in arts-focused market research, we analyze tens of thousands of purchase transactions and administer thousands of surveys, focus groups, and consumer interviews each year, giving us a unique understanding of consumer behavior and marketing effectiveness. We combine this ongoing market intelligence with state-of-the-art research methods to assist our clients in understanding the present and future shape, preferences, and behavior of their audiences and market.

Our audience and market research services include:

  • Research strategy, design, and methodology
  • Customer file and consumer segmentation analysis through our strategic partnership with the Nielsen Company
  • Location intelligence through enhanced mapping and visual displays
  • Market definition & demographics
  • Audience, prospect and community surveys (telephone, intercept, and online methodologies)
  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Action plan recommendations
  • Collaborative community-wide research studies
  • Customer segmentation studies
  • Demand modeling
“Writers Theatre has been fortunate to have had AMS integrally involved in our company's strategic planning, which culminated in our current endeavor to build a new theatre building.  We look forward to a successful project because of our partnership with them.”
Elaine Tinberg, Chairperson, Writers' Theatre, Chicago